You are equipped with brakes, a seatbelt, and an oxygen mask.


Safety measures have been intentionally built into the Somatic Luminary coaching spaces. Your needs are respected during moments of turbulence on your journey home to yourself. Entering and participating in any practice here is always your choice. Safety instructions are given, and safety training is ongoing. 




You are the pilot.


You know the external structures you once relied on for purpose and direction, and you’re outgrowing them. Trusting your intuition empowers you to liberate your unique, divine essence and unleash your uninhibited expression in the world. You have your own GPS and you make the calls for your life.




You are the mechanic.


Real, raw feelings and your inner felt senses illuminate and guide you in uncovering your deepest truth and rewiring your internal system. Courageous honesty with your feelings is the necessary tool. Your authentic processing is always encouraged, without judgement or shame.




Your intuition and receptivity are your fuel.


Your self-parts get to be known, understood, and cared for here –– by yourself and others –– just as you know, understand, and care for others. As your receptivity and intuition are cultivated, this energy empowers you to welcome and meet long-awaited attachment needs with self-compassion.




You choose your wings.


Open, ever-curious relational introspection happens here, because relationship is our vehicle for transformation. Your personal healing, growth, and expansion come through two kinds of relationship connections –– your connection to self and your connection with others. Somatic Luminary programs are the perfect place to pursue both, enabling you to embody stable, reliable wings that take you into the world as the divine expression you are here to be.







Understand the feminine & masculine energies WITHIN your attachment strategies – and illuminate your energetic path to healing and embodiment! 💫