I’m so glad you’ve landed here! I’m Kate, and I help growth-minded, compassionate women deconstruct limiting beliefs, heal attachment wounds, dissolve triggering emotional blocks, and anchor their feminine power by aligning with sacred body wisdom, so they can confidently trust their intuition, light their own path, and make their own dreams come true.


In 2015, my mind was awakening to a new awareness and understanding of emotional and psychological abuse. How to spot it. How to refuse it. How to stay away from it. This cognitive awareness and understanding was a foundational part of my healing. I was so thankful for the therapy, coaching, and support I received during a time when I would’ve otherwise been very much alone.
My emotions and body, however, still seemed to often get “stuck” in areas of my personal life where I really needed to move forward. I had such incredible freedom in my new awareness about relationships –– why weren’t my emotions cooperating? Complex PTSD is not only frightening, but at times it can feel frustratingly hopeless and debilitating.
A couple years later, I discovered somatic processing techniques. With the help of a practitioner and a therapist, I began taking authentic growth steps more naturally. I began to make brave decisions, and I felt more in control of my own thoughts. I could feel my body coming into alignment with my truth. There were still ups and downs, but I had tools that actually helped! I was surprised at how quickly I was able to shift out of a frozen state into flow and forward movement again. I was overcoming challenges I didn’t think possible –– all because of the shifts and changes that my body was experiencing through somatic techniques and practices.
I loved how tender, sacred, and personal this work was. So I pursued training and certifications in the modalities I found most effective, and eventually began working with other women. Sure enough, I witnessed the same life-giving, transformational results with my clients!
Now, fueled by my intuitive feminine energy and five years immersed in trauma-informed training, I guide women using the same somatic practices and techniques that I used to let go of toxic relationships, heal from attachment trauma, deconstruct my belief systems, rediscover who I am, reclaim my power, reconnect to my intuition, clear my triggers, define my values and boundaries, revamp my parenting, change my career, pursue my passions, and move to the land I call home.
Here are some examples of the felt shifts consistently activated and experienced through Somatic Luminary programs:


Women just like you and me have persisted through the traumatic effects of hypermasculine cultures for a very long time. We have become whatever we needed to become in order to survive. It is very clear to me: Somatic healing practices and feminine embodiment coaching are desperately needed for women to move forward with our dreams, goals, and relationships. Through these practices, women develop skills to gently re-sensitize the internal felt senses, resolve the intense charge of emotional triggers, build trust with our intuition, and align with sacred body-wisdom.
I created Somatic Luminary as an emotional-embodiment haven for women. A place to come and feel your way to real healing –– when you are ready. Somatic techniques and embodiment practices here address inner relationship dynamics from a trauma-informed awareness of insecure attachment systems, mindful of the abuses and oppressive systems that women so often face. You’ll fall in love with the programs if you are:


    • recovering from emotional abuse or religious trauma
    • not sure what to do about your attachment strategies
    • releasing internalized patriarchy and misogyny
    • deconstructing & revisioning spiritual beliefs
    • creating a new life of embodied intuition

So in this space, we are about the tender work of allowing our body-wisdom to illuminate our path forward.


If you’re ready to partner with your body in powerful healing and growth, I hope you’ll check out the programs and see if there’s something here that may fit your needs. It is possible to rewire your systems, trust yourself, and live from your truest essence!

Rising with you,
Cert. SOEA Feminine Embodiment Coach
Cert. Somatic Attachment Therapy Practitioner
Cert. AFT Practitioner
Cert. Give Her Wings Abuse Survivor Advocate




Your Guiding Light.

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