Welcome, self-healer. 🖤 I’m so glad you landed here!


You may have noticed that we live in a hypermasculine “go go go” culture. It’s a culture that has taught us that – in order to survive – we must dissociate from our bodies, dismiss sensations, ignore emotions, and push ourselves past every limit. This is backwards, and it’s literally killing us.


I created Somatic Luminary as an emotional-embodiment haven. This is a place to come and FEEL your way to real healing. In this space, we are about the tender work of allowing our body-wisdom to illuminate our path forward.


 Somatic practices and embodiment coaching empower us to actually reconnect with our bodies so we are able to move forward with our dreams, goals, and relationships. Through these practices, we develop skills to gently contact the internal felt senses, resolve the intense charge of emotional triggers, build trust with our intuition, and embody the joyful, connected life we really want.

If you are self-healing or in search of healing, you’ve undoubtedly survived quite a bit of pain. And for this survival, I honor your mere existence. If you survived, you’ve been brave, and you have done many hard things. I know this, because I have done those hard things, too. Many of the self-healers I work with have survived:


  • emotional, psychological, or narcissistic abuse

  • intimate partner abuse

  • chronic illness

  • complex PTSD

  • attachment trauma

  • emotional neglect

  • family scapegoating

  • religious trauma or spiritual deconstruction

  • rejection, abandonment, or betrayal

  • systemic + internalized patriarchy or misogyny


✔️ ✔️ ✔️ We have survived. 💜 


Eventually you come to a place beyond survival, though, where your intuition steps in and says, Do you want to stay trapped in your old, familiar pain – or do you want to integrate that pain so you can move forward into this thing that appears to be opportunity for self-healing and abundant vitality?”


And you’ll say, “Okay, sure. I’ll take vitality. But healing requires vulnerability… and vulnerability feels scary!”


So I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of your courage. Remember those hard things you already did? Your survival is proof that you are already very brave.


So here’s what you need to remember, brave soul:

Your courage fueled your survival, and your courage will fuel your healing.


If this is you – if you’re finally out from under the survival things, but still struggling with past and present things, now is your time! Your healing is possible and imminent. You just need the right tools and compassionate support.


Good news – I’m here for it! And I brought THE best tools. 🙂 I’ve got you.


Your experiences and doubts may tell you that everything will always be the same, that healing in certain areas is just not possible for you. But at the same time, your deepest knowing may be whispering, “It IS possible to heal this; it IS possible to change this; it IS possible to do this.”


When you dare to get curious about that tiny sliver of possibility – that’s the sacred starting point of a beautiful, intuitive, body-guided journey.


You see, your body is the only one who has been with you through *all of it.*


Your body treads quietly – but carries a big stick. Your body has kept the score, penned the diary, captured all the images, and stored all the information securely within your hard drive. Your body has so much wisdom to share with you.


Your body holds all you need – not only for survival – but to heal and transform your life.


 When you have lived through a toxic relationship or belief system, whether in childhood or as an adult, your body remembers and instinctively protects you from anything that remotely FEELS like danger has felt. This is one beautiful way that your body takes care of you. But survivors often struggle with feeling unsafe long after they become relatively safe. 


Feeling your way out is the only way your body can become truly free to live out your new reality. That means you’re going to need some body-based tools to rewire your system. Once your body can somatically process your freedom, it can catch up with the cognitive healing you’ve done and recalibrate. 


What if you could not only know your truth in your mind — but feel safe in your body?


What if you could move out of that frozen state – and start living from a place grounded in YOUR body’s wisdom?


What if you could trust yourself?

“Somatic luminary” refers to the body as a wise, enlightened guide. And here’s the little-known secret/spoiler: YOU are a somatic luminary. Do you know what that means? It means that your body is so incredibly intelligent and supportive, that you can trust it to guide you into all that is good for you.


Maybe you’ve been taught not to trust your body, your feelings, or your intuition. Well, I’m about to flip your world upside down… My own path led me to discover that my body was “the missing link” to healing both my mind and emotions.


When I first began working with somatic therapists and coaches, I was amazed that my body was able to show me each step I needed to take as I began to heal. And when I began to trust my body, and lean into the shifts – I was able to take those steps much more easily! I began to make brave decisions, and act on them. I felt more in control of my own thoughts, and I learned how to process my emotions in ways that made me actually feel better. I could feel my body coming into alignment with my truth. Through this process, somatic therapies allowed me to develop self-trust.


Over time, somatic skills helped me move through ups and downs more easily – and certain techniques actually eliminated triggers permanently. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to shift out of a frozen state into flow and forward movement again. I was overcoming challenges I didn’t think possible – all because of the shifts and changes that my body systems were experiencing.


I was able to: walk away from toxic relationships, heal attachment wounds, deconstruct my belief systems, rediscover my core identity, reclaim my power, reconnect to my intuition, clear my triggers, define my values, embody my boundaries, revamp my parenting, find solace in healthy relationships, change my career, pursue my passions, and move to the land I call home.

I fell in love with how tender, sacred, and personal this healing work was. It was so powerfully transformative for me that I began several years of immersive training in the modalities I found most effective, and I eventually began working with clients. Sure enough, I witnessed the same life-giving, transformational results with my clients!


My coaching practice officially opened in 2018. As a certified AFT practitioner, certified somatic attachment therapy practitioner, and SOEA-certified feminine embodiment coach, I offer restorative coaching that allows your body to illuminate your custom path from inner child healing, to energy clearing, to emotional resolution, to embodiment. On this journey, your unique body becomes your wise guide and source of power.


I know how difficult it can be to find therapists, coaches, and programs that bring us to a place of real shifts and transformation for both mind and emotions. That’s why I’m so passionate about using therapies, practices, and techniques that actually WORK. These are some examples of the felt shifts consistently activated and experienced through Somatic Luminary programs:


Right here in your body is where healing takes root, transformation is fortified, and vitality is liberated.


I’ve designed Somatic Luminary programs to be gentle, supportive spaces where your true essence can safely emerge. You learn to trust your inner luminary – as you come into contact with various parts of yourself, allow your intuition to surface, and gain access to your feminine fuel. This is the way our bodies generate healing and transformation for us.


There is a lush, intelligent ecosystem inside of you just waiting to be welcomed, explored, and savored. Your body is the portal. Would you be willing to sit with her, in a gentle holding space, while she whispers her wisdom?

If you’re struggling to hope for emotional healing, for nourishing connection, for an embodied sense of self-compassion and purpose – I’m here to tell you that these are MUCH more possible than they seem! It’s possible to trust your body’s intuitive light to guide your healing journey, to rewire your nervous system for healthy connection, to step into freedom from old triggers, and to manifest an abundant life from an energy of self-trust.


Here, you’ll find tools, practices, and guidance to experience safety with your emotions, freedom from old pain, and the true pleasure that comes from embodied self-presence. Take a look at the Somatic Luminary Programs and discover how your body might support you best in this season.


Self-healers, we’re in this together! The light within me honors the light within you. ✨


Rising with you,




Cert. SOEA Feminine Embodiment Coach
Cert. Somatic Attachment Therapy Practitioner
Cert. AFT Practitioner
Cert. Abuse Survivor Advocate






Understand the feminine & masculine energies WITHIN your attachment strategies – and illuminate your energetic path to healing and embodiment! 💫