Your Body’s Brilliant Path to Confident Self-Trust, Nourishing Relationships, & Abundant Pleasure


Embodied Luminessence is a 12-month program, encompassing four phases of healing, delivered through online modules and individual embodiment coaching with Kate.


Embodied Luminessence also includes:

Somatic Healing Exchange group sessions (companioned parts practices)

Moonbeams AFT group sessions (emotional clearings)


AFT essential oils are required for this program.




One Year ~ Four Healing Phases




Program Components


Monthly 1:1 embodiment coaching sessions with Kate.


These sessions are uniquely customized to your personal goals, which I’ll help you clarify, based on your specific needs and desires. Your polarity-based attachment archetype will show us the important elements to cover along The Permeability Path, The Podium Path, The Power Path, or The Pleasure Path. As you move through the program, your body will illuminate certain themes, challenges, and new direction. These individual sessions are the perfect opportunity to work through these themes with personalized coaching and guidance. Depending on what your body shows us, we may work specifically through your body’s grief, patterns, pleasure, boundaries, expression, magnetism, or various other aspects of targeted embodiment. I also offer Memory Release Technique as an option for individual sessions, if there is a specific difficult memory you need help in resolving.



2x/month companioned parts practice.


The Somatic Healing Exchange is the focus of Phase 1 because healing self-trust and building secure attachment is the foundation of Embodied Luminessence. Because attachment is so fundamental to the origins of your wounds, SHE sessions will serve as the heartbeat of your journey, and you’ll get to experience these group sessions twice each month throughout your entire year of healing. Held over Zoom, each live session includes a breakout room time for self-healers to use our guided SHE companion practice. This practice is a supported “exchange” of intentional space-holding for a partner’s process of somatic attunement and self-compassion.



Monthly Moonbeams AFT group coaching sessions.


You’ll have access to these live, monthly emotional clearing sessions for the full year. The comments we hear most about AFT (aroma freedom technique) are: “It’s similar but gentler and more effective than EMDR” and “It was more helpful than ___ years of talk therapy.” This is because the essential oils we use in AFT are extremely effective with the emotional memory part of the brain. Essential oils are one of the most effective tools we have to instantly raise our energetic frequency. Supported reprocessing through AFT is the powerful focus of Phase 2. Doing one AFT clearing each month is the perfect way to resolve “stuck” patterns, limiting beliefs, or emotional blocks that may come to light for you throughout the program.



Videos, guides, and tools.


The online modules provide a step-by-step path throughout each phase of the program. They inform, support, and expand on the healing work we do in our live coaching sessions. Modules include videos, somatic practices, demos, practice guides, and journaling reflections.



Online community.


You’re not alone on your healing journey! The online community is where you can connect with others in the program and discuss themes, challenges, and progress. This is a great resource for giving and receiving feedback and encouragement.



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