Why do we use essential oils in our programs?

Working with the body, for a trauma survivor, is a delicate and careful process. It can feel scary and even unsafe for a survivor to “be in” her body. Somatic practices are extremely helpful, and needed, but only when they are used with careful attention, integrity, and sensitivity. Embodiment practice is certainly not something we dive headlong into when there has been trauma. When a survivor IS ready to begin somatic awareness and healing, it’s important to use extra care and supports. The AFT oils have proven to be an effective and reliable support. They allow us to do somatic work in the safest, most supported way possible.


Many somatic practices don’t require oils and are essential for working toward certain purposes, such as sensitization, inner relationship, or expression. But when we bring the oils in, we see the quickest, gentlest, most reliable shifts. That’s why I’ve found AFT to really be the most supportive technique when working with trauma survivors. And that’s why my lowest-cost group program is the Moonbeams AFT Community. Since this program will probably reach the most survivors –– I’ve designed Moonbeams to utilize the most reliably effective practice we have: AFT.


In the Embodied Luminessence program, we use essential oils for some modules and not for others. In this program, we are working also with somatic attachment, inner relationship, and embodiment in the context of emotional and religious trauma. But even in this program we use essential oils for certain types of processing that may involve memories or extra-sensitive issues. In some practices, the oils add support, in others, the oils are actually THE catalyst that brings the much-needed release or shift. And in others, we don’t use oils at all.


Learning about AFT will help you understand more about why we use essential oils.

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a step-by-step reprocessing modality that combines pure essential oils with a carefully-designed system of guided questions to attain deep emotional release and a gentle reformation of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. We want to set your emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, toward growth and expansion. As we walk through the process of an emotional clearing, difficult thoughts, feelings, and memories may come up – these interfere with your ability to reach your personal intentions and goals. As you inhale certain oils at certain points in the process, they work with your amygdala to dissolve the intense charge. Through this gentle yet powerful process, AFT activates a permanent shift in how you view yourself and the world. We are then able to move forward with clarity, confidence, and peace.


The amygdala and hippocampus (parts of the brain) link our memories to our current mental and emotional challenges – based on common feeling, rather than any cognitive context. This is why talk therapy and memorizing cognitive truths, as helpful as they are, can only go so far in breaking old patterns and beginning new ones. Amazingly, our brains work in a way that the amygdala responds instantaneously to the sense of smell. Difficult memories, buried within our subconscious minds, are the hidden strongholds that trigger present emotions and keep us from reaching our intentions and goals.


In other words, we need to work with the subconscious part of our mind as well as the cognitive, if we are going to find lasting transformation.


It’s no coincidence that essential oil molecules from plants just happen to be small enough to pass through all human tissues, cross the blood-brain barrier, and work exceptionally well with human emotions. Pure, properly distilled essential oils contain the chemistry to not only repair and restore physical health; they can also help re-wire and stabilize the emotional part of our brain. By introducing certain essential oils at particular times during your process, we are able to clear the emotional charge from long-held difficult memories. As we clear these blocks, your nervous system is able to reset, and you can begin to live from a new place of freedom and peace.


As a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Certified Give Her Wings Survivor Advocate, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating consistent breakthrough for women who were “stuck” and after working together, they were able to move forward in their growth & goals. There are real solutions for triggers and shadows. It is possible to regulate and rewire. I look forward to meeting you right where you are with your body and emotions, and helping you take those next courageous steps forward.


Essential Oils


Our group programs and AFT sessions incorporate essential oils. We use six (6) specific Young Living essential oils and blends. If you DON’T have these oils yet – getting them here will get you 20% off a 1:1 coaching session.