I’m not sure which part of the world you live in, but in my corner, “sensitivity” is equated as “weakness.” Sort of a flaw.


In reality, being highly sensitive is just a trait. Like your naturally-long eyelashes. As with any trait, high sensitivity CAN be used for weakness or it CAN be used for strength. It’s up to you.


High sensitivity can even be used for good or for evil.


Just depends on what you choose to do with it.



What I’m learning, and what I want you to know, is that you have choices.


If you are a highly sensitive person, that is the way you were created. It is very good. Please don’t suppress it or ignore it or let it keep you in hiding. Sensitivity is a gift that can make you strong. And when you choose to share your sensitivity, you can bless and empower others in beautiful ways.


At The Mighty Sensitive, we address not only the stigma of “sensitivity as weakness” – but also the very real temptations toward our weaknesses – and ways to overcome them. When you’re tempted to give way to fear because of your sensitivity, you can choose to turn that weakness into strength. You can choose courage.


So choose to suppress it, or choose to share it. Allow it to hold you back, or allow it to incite new growth. These are the choices we face with being sensitive every day of the week.


But you know what? The fact that you have choices means you are free! YOU get to decide who you want to be. You get to decide how you want to live. Isn’t that liberating?! No more sensitive excuses. Only sensitive power.


Your sensitivity is a very powerful tool, almost like a sixth sense, that you can use for good in the world.


If you so choose.


Sensitivity is not in control of you. You are still in control of you.


If you so choose.


Can we explore this HSP thing together?


But let’s NOT fall into an “I am this way – therefore I’m doomed” slump, okay? We have a choice.


Another thing. I really want to avoid the “I am this way – therefore I’m better than all the other humans” mantra. It’s haughty. It’s gross. We can choose to value our own gifts while mutually esteeming others.


What does it mean for you to choose to be mighty sensitive?