Fellow highly sensitive friends, how can we talk about careers without first acknowledging our “special needs”? Try making a list of needs you have that affect the way you work. Here are some of mine.


  • The need for a good night’s sleep. I am prone to migraines if I don’t get enough sleep.


  • The need for time to think creatively and put all my ideas to work.


  • The need to do something that has a helpful impact on humanity.


  • The need to not only discover my own potential, but to help others reach their potential.


  • The need to write.


  • The need to exercise between 11 am and 3 pm. (If it doesn’t happen during these hours, it most likely won’t happen.)


  • As an HSP mom, the need to be in tune with my son’s needs, including quality connecting time and making sure he’s well taken care of in every way.


Personally, working from home as an editor, writer, and network marketer enables me to meet all of these needs. I get to engage my brain in a variety of creative projects, and I enjoy it. The best part is getting to pick up my son from school everyday.


But I also get to write, help my networking team, be creative, and impact the world in my own small (but mighty sensitive) way. There are no fluorescent light bulbs and there’s ample introvert time. (Note: Not all HSPs are introverts.) I can exercise midday, and though I rarely find time for it, I can even take a nap if needed.


Not every HSP is fortunate enough to get to work from home, where their environment is “just how they like it,” and I may not always have the luxury either. But for now, I’m grateful for my work situation.


I’d love to hear what other HSPs do for a living. What are your work needs? Do you enjoy your job? What’s your work environment like?


Leave a comment below and tell us what you do!