I use quite a few essential oils, but there’s one that is EXCEPTIONALLY helpful for three common HSP problems: anxious thoughts, overarousal of my mind, and turning off my brain at night.


Anxious Thoughts

When nerves take over, this oil calms me. Signs that I need to stop and apply are quick breathing, a racing heart, and my imagination running wild with worst-case-scenarios. This oil is very grounding.


Overarousal of My Mind.

As highly sensitive people, we are constantly processing so much in our inner world that having to process a stressful or just action-packed outer world in addition can cause overarousal or overstimulation of the mind. We often manifest this stress physically. For me, it can result in a migraine. This essential oil enables my mind to handle more stress, crowds, parties, and action without becoming overaroused. It also helps when my mind is overaroused.


Turning Off My Brain at Night

I have an ongoing battle with bedtime. I know this shouldn’t be the case as a grown-up, but the struggle is real – and I know I’m not alone in this! After the kids are in bed, are you compelled to finish projects and then spend hours processing all kinds of thoughts you didn’t have time for during the day? Ever just lie in your bed with racing thoughts? The struggle is real. This oil has some sedative properties, so applying or diffusing it at bedtime is super helpful to just turn it all off for the night and go to sleep.


So, what is this powerful essential oil in my arsenal?







In India and Sri Lanka it’s known as “the oil of tranquility.” The oil is distilled from the roots of the Vetiver grass. It can also cool the body, is nourishing to the skin, and is very effective in stabilizing hyperactive children. It has a sweet, woody, smoky aroma.


You’ll want to put a rollerball fitment on your Vetiver because it’s a thicker oil, so it works better to roll it on rather than waiting for the drops to slowly come out of the bottle. I just roll it across my forehead and temples, and rub it in a bit with my hand. Then I inhale the aroma deeply from my hands. You can also diffuse it in your home or office to experience the therapeutic benefits throughout the day.


Other essential oils great for people with a highly sensitive mind are Frankincense, Stress Away, and Lavender.*


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