Ever since I can remember, shopping malls have been an energy-draining, life-sucking black hole that I dread entering.


School shopping. Christmas shopping. Any shopping, really.


There are crowds. There is noise. There are smells. It’s just exhausting. And the task of choosing what shirt to try on from the visual stimulation of 62,873 shirts?!


It’s just too much.


So until this year, I don’t think I have ever set foot into a store on Black Friday. I know you don’t even want to hear about it. But fortunately, I had purchased something online and just needed to pick it up at the store. Which brings me to the joy of Cyber Monday…


Black Friday is probably great fun for the neuro-typicals who can handle it. And I wish them well! But Cyber Monday?


Cyber Monday is for US.


I have never liked shopping. UNTIL… until I could shop online. Have you guys discovered this modern-day marvel?!


You can type whatever you’re looking for into a search field, and you can be specific. You can sit there and think about your decision as long as you want before you click “Checkout.” Then, it is shipped to your door. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!


I’m telling you, shopping online is a wonder of wonders.


So I hope everyone has a fantastic Cyber Monday. I hope you easily find exactly what’s on your list, grab all the deals you can, and collect Christmas presents for all. And I hope you do this while enjoying a hot cup of coffee (or herbal tea, for the caffeine-sensitive) in your favorite chair.