Like many HSPs, I can’t stand being cold.


I can’t fall asleep if my feet or nose is cold, no matter how tired I am.


And I’m not one of those people who waits as long as possible to turn on the heat when the weather starts cooling off. Nothing to prove, here.


Reality: If I’m cold, I’m irritable. I want to just huddle under a blanket all day… which makes me unproductive. Which is frustrating.


Recently I was sitting in my car in the school pick-up line. Outside temp was in the upper 30s/low 40s that day, and I noticed many parents walking to the school or standing outside waiting for their kids – with nothing more than a light jacket or a sweatshirt on.


My mind automatically went to, “Where’s your HAT?… Where are your MITTENS?… What are you THINKING?!” Some of them were even standing there with their arms crossed, shivering, obviously cold.


The worst is when I see flip-flops in 40- or 50-degree weather. Socks, people! SOCKS!


As silly as this may be, boundaries have helped me even in this situation. I have to consciously tell myself, “It’s not my body.” I have to consciously remember where I end and where that other person begins so I don’t feel like they’re going to get hypothermia. Yes, you can laugh. It is what it is!


I take it back… flip-flops aren’t the worst. The worst is seeing (potentially) “cold” baby toes. I’m that annoying mom who secretly wants to frantically find the socks, cover the toes, and warm them up. Yep. Busted.


But it’s not my baby and I get why other people would find that offensive. 🙂 However, I may need to physically remove myself from the situation so I don’t have to silently suffer from my thoughts about cold baby toes!


We live in a climate that experiences cold winters, so I’ve learned to appreciate the warm places during the cold season. I love warm drinks like tea and hot chocolate and coffee. Fireplaces. Candles. Holiday parties. Snuggling under a blanket with my son and watching a movie. Reading books inside where it’s warm and toasty, while the wind howls outside. Quilts and puffy coats and for the love of all things, wearing my mittens.


Being cold has simply made me more grateful for the warm refuge that is our home.


Do you hate being cold? What’s your favorite way to stay warm when it’s cold outside?