Q: How do you get unstuck, hear your intuition, & move forward into the life you really desire?


A: By clearing emotional blocks, dissolving triggers, & raising your frequency.


The Moonbeams AFT Community is a monthly membership program for self-healers to access monthly group AFT emotional clearing sessions.


AFT essential oils are required for this program.





Moonbeams AFT Clearings


Benefits of Monthly AFT Clearing


Your emotional hygiene directly impacts your mental & physical health.


Emotional patterns and triggers do not magically go away just by understanding what happened to you. Trauma lives on in your brain and body, until you resolve the emotions associated with it. Unresolved emotions can manifest as depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic illness, and relationship problems.


Feelings are designed to be temporary. They roll in like an ocean tide. They prompt you to take care of a need. And then they resolve, rolling back out with the tide.


When feelings are buried before completing their mission, your mental and physical health experience the devastating effects. Routine emotional resolution and clearing is as important to your health as brushing your teeth or regular exercise.



Your emotional hygiene directly impacts your relationships.


“They [unresolved emotions] remain the source of our unresolved conflicts. Subconsciously, they are not forgotten nor will they be forgotten… They are the feelings which govern our thought patterns, our beliefs, and our attitudes. Those feelings determine our emotional reactions and our experiences in life. They are unconscious, hidden, and have been denied. Nevertheless, they are a part of our intra-cellular and subconscious programming.”

– Karol K. Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die


Moonbeams AFT will open your eyes to the incredible purpose of your emotions. Participants discover their emotions are not a burden; rather, they are extremely useful guides to caring for self and others. Once you learn how to receive and respond to their messages, your emotions become faithful friends who keep you attuned to the needs of yourself and others.



Healing doesn’t *always* take a long time or feel really hard.


Some parts of your healing require repetitive somatic practice and reminders. Change happens over time. It’s a journey. You’ll find this part of the journey in my other programs. Moonbeams AFT is different.


In Moonbeams, we work with the energetic body and you get an energetic shift. You will feel your feelings, but we don’t do a lot of sharing is minimal in these sessions. We are together, but you’re in your own process the whole time. It’s not tedious and it’s not difficult. This is because the oils work so beautifully with the subconscious part of the brain. You may not even consciously understand why you feel better afterwards.


Most of the time, people feel much different at the end of a session. This is not true with every somatic practice. But with AFT, people generally leave feeling confidence, alignment, freedom, peacefulness, motivation, clarity, and hopefulness. Most of the time, a weight is lifted. They’re able to handle life again and take action in areas that had felt impossible before.



You get the most effective transformation at the lowest cost.


I’m acutely aware of the stigma essential oils sometimes get as some kind of “woo woo” hoax. In fact, this is one reason I spent years training in other somatic healing modalities that do not require oils. My awe and appreciation for the important role of essential oils in healing only grew more, with each new skill I learned.


Long story short, there just isn’t any tool quite as powerful, quite as gentle, OR quite as supportive as essential oils – especially when reprocessing painful events of the past. The oils we use in AFT are extremely effective with the emotional part of the brain. When oils are integrated at specific times through the AFT process, they bring reliable support to the nervous system. They also bring easy, unforced, and permanent emotional shift to the memory complex.  


The truth is, nature’s chemistry is brilliant, and when its therapeutic compounds are preserved and concentrated – the human body responds in astonishing ways. Essential oils are one of the most effective tools we have to instantly raise our energetic frequency. Doing one AFT clearing each month is the perfect way to resolve “stuck” patterns, limiting beliefs, or emotional blocks.


Moonbeams members have asked why I offer such an effective modality as my lowest-cost program. Some have suggested that I charge more. The reason is that my heart is in this work. I truly want everyone to have access to AFT! It has been that powerful for me; at my lowest point, it saved my life. AFT brings consistent, life-changing breakthrough for my clients to move forward through challenges that were previously insurmountable. 



In the words of Moonbeams Community members:


“Abuse education and mindset coaching were good, but I needed support going forward, and I didn’t know what to do next. AFT was what I needed.”


“I wish I would’ve had this a long time ago.”


“It’s kind of like EMDR, but more gentle.”


“This was more effective for me than EMDR.”


“I went to therapy for years, and AFT helped me so much more.”


“This is what we ALL need!”


“I’m not stuck anymore. I feel like I can move. I feel like I can breathe.”


“Every time I do this, I can’t believe how much it helps me.”



The ground is level here.


Whether you feel like you’re still drowning, just dealing with the daily grind, or diving in to rescue others – Moonbeams AFT is a community for everyone. I lead the group through the sessions, but each person comes with their own intention and stays in their own personal processing. You don’t have to share or discuss any details about your personal life.


You’ll love Moonbeams AFT if:


  • You’re facing a new challenge.

  • You have a difficult relationship to navigate.

  • You’ve got a finite amount of money to manage.

  • You get up every morning and face uncharted fears, stresses, and problems.

  • You have emotional triggers that shake you up.

  • You want to feel more peaceful & confident.

  • You have tough decisions to make.



Online community.


You’re not alone on your healing journey! The online community is where you can connect with others in the program and discuss themes, challenges, and progress. This is a great resource for giving and receiving feedback and encouragement.


Get your AFT oils HERE or from another Young Living distributor.