Been through a lot? I feel the weight of that with you, and I know that ever-present longing for things to just feel better. I’m not here to “cure” that longing, but I’m here to support you as you bravely enter into it. Daring to get curious about that feeling is the very beginning of a sacred journey with your body as your guide.


You see, your body is the only one who has been with you through *all of it.*


She’s kept the score, penned the diary, captured all the images, stored them securely within her hard drive.


Have you slowed down to notice her? Your body treads quietly –– but carries a big stick. She has so much wisdom to share with you.


There is a lush, intelligent ecosystem inside of you just waiting to be explored, liberated, and savored. When you’re ready, I’m here to provide gentle support as you come into contact with your attachments, your emotions, and your intuition. As your body leads, you’ll begin meeting with your true essence – your inner luminary – and building the inner relationship needed to move forward in your healing and growth.


Your body is the portal. Right here in your body is where healing takes root, transformation is fortified, and vitality is liberated. Would you be willing to sit with her, in a gentle holding space, while she whispers her wisdom?


Somatic healing and feminine embodiment work are nonlinear processes; as such, Somatic Luminary Coaching circles through four aspects:


1) Real healing takes time.


There’s no getting around this. We’d all love to move as quickly as possible from living out of our wounds to living from our core essence, but real, lasting transformation is a process that cannot be bypassed. Skipping ahead just doesn’t work. Wounded parts need to be felt, met, repetitively loved, and integrated. This takes time, and everyone’s process is as unique as their own lived traumas. No program can guarantee a quick fix or miracle when it comes to authentic emotional healing.


★ ★ ★ THE GOOD NEWS: Somatic coaching provides us with skills and tools for healing over time, layer by layer –– as well as to process pain, resource, and regulate when triggers come up.



2) Healing can take significantly less time when you have the right tools.


Clients tell me this over and over: “I received more healing out of one session with you than I’ve had over [insert various numbers] years of talk therapy!” I don’t guarantee anything, but I consistently see strong shifts and lasting changes! (So keep an open mind, because you may not have to resign yourself to feeling your way through that “trauma-versary” every year for the rest of your life!) 


★ ★ ★ THE GOOD NEWS: Somatic coaching includes therapies that can permanently release us from triggers by dissolving the intense emotional charge associated with a memory. 



Both of these are true at the same time, and neither makes the other less true. Somatic therapies exist BOTH to provide skills for handling triggers when they happen – AND tools to help dissolve them permanently. Your body decides what she needs in each layer of healing. We simply work with her, and at her pace.


Some women come to me with an idea about their healing in their head. They can explain how trauma affects them inside out and upside down. But these women are often surprised when their bodies bring up buried emotions that they thought of as “healed,” yet have not yet been somatically processed –– and they marvel at the difference somatic coaching makes in their lives. 


When you have left a toxic external system or relationship, your body has kept the score. You’re going to need some body-based tools to rewire your internal system. Once the body has processed that liberation, she catches up with any cognitive healing you’ve done and recalibrates. Feeling your way out is the only way your body can get that permission to live out of your truth. 


What if you could find your inner luminary and trust YOU to light your own path?


What if you could trust yourself to catch you when you fall? How would it change your confidence?


What if you could not only know your truth in your brain — but FEEL it in your body?


Again, this isn’t a magic trick. Contrary to what many coaches are trying to structure in their programs, healing is more than just cognitive education, it’s not a ladder of achievement, and healing is not a linear process. 


Embodiment is also not some achievement where you’re going to come out looking like a beauty queen (although for some women, this may be a part of their embodiment experience, which is fabulous, and more power to them!).


You may begin to shine like a construction worker, a hippie, a political leader, a dancer, a CEO, a scuba diver, or a bookworm –– if that’s who you are. Like healing, embodiment is a nonlinear process that involves ongoing practices of connecting with your internal senses, unraveling layers of frozen tension within the body, and actualizing your essence. We set intentions throughout this process, but self-actualization and self-trust are built over time. 


That’s what Somatic Luminary Coaching involves. I’m going to take you on a supportive journey where together we’ll navigate the conflicted parts of you, activate your healing, find your source of self-presence, and tap into what I call your “luminessence” –– that unique and vital light within! This light is the power source behind all that you are here to be and do.


You can stop searching for the right mantras to live by, the right guru to follow, and the right system to plug into. I’m going to give you the support and tools you need to show up for yourself so you can move out of that frozen state and start living from a place grounded in YOUR body’s wisdom.


You are your own luminary, and your body is just waiting, longing, for you to finally come home and reconnect to your power source.


Are you ready to light your own path?! Let’s get started.


Somatic Luminary 1:1 Coaching is a 3-month program that includes five private coaching sessions with me. Depending on your needs and the direction your body gives us, we’ll set embodied goals specific to your situation, and then we’ll work with your body in your healing and expansion. You’ll also have bonus access to three emotional clearing sessions with the Moonbeams AFT Community during your program. The total investment is $497, plus the cost of AFT oils, which runs between $137-200 depending on which bundle you choose.

AFT oils are required for this program.

You may order AFT oils here, or from a trusted Young Living consultant.


  • You are at risk of harming yourself or others

  • You are in active life crisis

  • You’re looking for a cerebral course on attachment theory or polyvagal theory. This program is attachment- and polyvagal-informed, but our focus is learning/doing actual somatic practices based in these theories. We will spend our time actually doing somatic processing, attunement, and regulation.

  • You’re looking for a faith-based program. There is no theological agenda. That said, this program is extremely valuable for women who have been harmed by religious dogma or faith communities. Your somatic exploration of spiritual deconstruction, spirituality, spiritual uncertainty, and unbelief are welcome in this space without judgment. 

  • You are seeking a holistic, trauma-informed restorative coaching process that equips you to move forward into your goals and dreams with real confidence and hope.

  • You have a cognitive understanding of your life story or emotional injuries, but need body-based liberation and support.

  • You understand the value of your healing, for its own sake, and its impact on all areas of your life. 

  • You’re ready to experience the healing, wisdom, and support that comes from your own internal resources, rather than another external source.

  • You desire to show up for yourself and are willing to do the internal work that brings personal freedom and transformation.


 Are you wondering how somatic coaching might help you? Your first step is to book a FREE  Body Breakthrough Session. This session is a gentle process of unlocking the wisdom your body holds regarding your most needed areas of healing and liberation. I’ll also get to know your situation a bit, and answer any questions you might have. Ready for your free breakthrough? Click below.