Like many HSPs, I’ve always been into art, creativity, and music of all kinds. When I was a little kid, my mom saw this in me and allowed me to take some art classes at the nearest museum, which was 45 minutes away. I loved every minute of these classes and getting to explore art at a deeper level than markers and crayons. Throughout high school and college, I went on to pursue music in many forms.


Appreciation for the fine arts is an area of my high sensitivity that I value and love to share with my son. He’s a typical, happy boy who is very active, but I love that he is also able to slow down enough to see and listen to beauty in many forms.


It’s simple to share art and music with kids, of course. There are zillions of DIY crafts online, and sharing music is as easy as tapping a screen. Here are four of my favorite art-related pastimes for kids:


  1. Doodle Crate. Art project in a box delivered to your door! 12-month subscription for $16.95. My son has made decorative soaps, a wrist watch, a desk organizer, hand-woven baskets, a keychain, a string of lanterns, and many other projects. He absolutely LOVES getting these projects and doing them. And as a busy mom, I don’t have to think of the ideas or collect the supplies.
  2. Music Lessons. I know this seems obvious, but in a culture that seems to be overruled by sports, music lessons can get shoved to the back burner. We try to make 20 minutes of piano practice a daily part of the routine. Early music training has several lifelong benefits, not the least of which is a lifelong gift in blessing others. The key is to keep it fun and enjoyable. Find an excellent teacher who truly enjoys spending time with your kids and celebrates their accomplishments. This makes all the difference.
  3. Nature Notebooks. Preschool is a fun age to start observing the wonders of nature with children, and one of the best ways to observe is to draw. You can get a couple of cheap sketchpads and take them with you to a park or on a walk. As my son learned to sit and distinguish the details of a stick or a bug so he could draw it, I was pleasantly surprised that his general attention span grew!
  4. Live Theatre. We are fortunate to live near a college town where there are frequently children’s matinees, as well as local and school-related musicals and productions. If nothing else is gleaned from watching or performing in live theatre, a child will discover that he gets to choose who he will be in his own life story.


How do you share your love of art, music, or theatre with your kids?