Feelings enable us to care for ourselves – and for eachother.


Feelings keep us attuned to our own needs – and the needs of others.


But feelings are designed to be temporary. They roll in like an ocean tide. They prompt us to take care of a need. And then they resolve, rolling back out with the tide.


Feelings are not meant to be buried, unresolved.


“They [unresolved emotions] remain the source of our unresolved conflicts. Subconsciously, they are not forgotten nor will they be forgotten… They are the feelings which govern our thought patterns, our beliefs, and our attitudes. Those feelings determine our emotional reactions and our experiences in life. They are unconscious, hidden, and have been denied. Nevertheless, they are a part of our intra-cellular and subconscious programming.”

– Karol K. Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die



The Moonbeams Course + Community gives survivors access to the most effective somatic transformation at the lowest cost.


Our Moonbeams Community meets monthly for practitioner-led AFT sessions, and you may opt to join solely for these sessions. As a Moonbeams Community member, you also get access to the online community and the self-guided Moonbeams AFT Course, which teaches women how to self-coach using AFT. Course participants also meet for monthly support calls as they work through the course phases.


As much as I’ve tried to find a way around using essential oils with somatic work, my awe and appreciation for the important role they play has only grown more –– especially when working with trauma survivors. When oils are integrated at particular times through the AFT processes, they bring a reliable support to a survivor’s nervous system that she may not yet have in her own body. They also bring an easy, unforced, and permanent emotional shift into the memory-complex. I find this part of the process extremely important when working with trauma survivors, and yet it is not possible with most other modalities. You can learn more about why we use essential oils here. 


Moonbeams is $24/month. In comparison, I charge $110 for individual AFT sessions and $197 for the Moonbeams course as a standalone. Moonbeams Community members have access to monthly group AFT sessions AND the Moonbeams Course for just $24/month.

Get the AFT oils HERE or from another Young Living distributor.


Why I Created a Low-Cost Somatic Clearing + Realignment Group for Survivors of Emotional Abuse and Religious Trauma



I have been asked why on earth I would offer such an efficient, effective modality as my lowest-cost program. My answer is simple: I personally know what a lifeline AFT has been for me in my most dire circumstances –– and I have watched it consistently bring breakthrough that freed others to move forward through challenges that seemed insurmountable.


I offer the service that is most gentle, powerful, and rapid at the lowest price because I think about all that survivors of emotional abuse and religious trauma have been through… and I want as many survivors as possible to have access to supportive, reliable, and authentic somatic transformation.


Clients have said:

“Abuse education and mindset coaching were good, but I needed support going forward and didn’t know what to do next”

“This is what we all need!”

“I wish I would’ve had this a long time ago.”


Somatic work is powerfully effective and needed –– whether a survivor feels like she’s still drowning, just dealing with the daily grind, or diving in to rescue others. You are not below or above anyone in this program. In Moonbeams sessions, we are each in our own process and working toward our own goals, which is a wonderful and equitable way to support safe space.


Moonbeams works well both before or after other Somatic Luminary Coaching programs, and it is included as a FREE BONUS in my 3-month 1:1 coaching program.



As a Moonbeams member, you’ll have access to the Moonbeams course. You can learn at your own pace, and join our live calls for discussion and support.




Emotional Resolution, Our Luminary Moon, & LUNAR Goals



AFT Set-up and Creating Your Intention Statement



Feeling Words & Trusting Your Intuition



Your Self-Guided AFT Session



Reflection & Revolution


What the Aroma Freedom Technique is and why it works
What women can learn from the moon about trauma, emotional health, and empowerment
Why you haven’t been able to change your responses to certain triggers yet
LUNAR goal-setting for women who are daring to dream freely again
The Steps of the Aroma Freedom Technique and how to effectively apply each step
How to create an effective intention statement for your sessions
How to identify the specific lies you subconsciously still believe
Why holistic freedom involves more than just knowledge and cognitive awareness
How to listen to your emotions and understand what they’re telling you
The difference between feeling words and judgment words – and why it matters
Why taking conscious thoughts captive is just the tip of the iceberg – and HOW to take subconscious thoughts captive
How essential oils work so effectively with the brain to calm and recalibrate the nervous system
How and when to use your essential oils throughout your AFT session to clear emotional blocks
Why you CAN and should trust your intuition, and how to tap into it
How to be transformed by the renewing of your mind
How to create and use a personalized affirmation that actually anchors you and changes your life 

Get the AFT oils HERE or from another Young Living distributor.

We need our new beliefs about ourselves to stick, and we need an easy way to clear our unresolved emotions when they come up.


You’ll discover that some of your “emotional blocks” are directly linked to your worst trauma memories.


You’ll find other emotional blocks you buried long ago, totally forgot about, and had no idea were related or holding you back now.


Still other blocks come from recent stressors.


AFT can be used to clear out all kinds of residual, emotional strongholds – resulting in our freedom to rise and shine (just like the moon rises in the darkness of night).


Most women feel completely different at the end of a session.


  • They begin living differently, and with more confidence.
  • Their lives feel more aligned with who they really are.
  • They feel free again.
  • They breathe easier.
  • They’re able to think more clearly about their situation and goals.


I’m not saying that all your circumstances will suddenly change… but for most people, a HUGE weight is lifted in each session. They’re able to handle life in a new way and do things they just couldn’t do before. And you’ll be empowered to make choices and take actions that may have felt impossible before.

What clients are saying…

“I have been taking these AFT group sessions with Kate since January 2021 and they’re absolutely awesome!! It’s been SO fascinating to learn and experience how effective these oils can be – they utilize a similar approach as EMDR as you retrain your neuro-pathways and experience quick relief! If you’ve been looking for something new to supplement regular therapy, you HAVE to try this!!” — E.A.

“I have found AFT very helpful in dealing with emotional trauma. Kate is a fantastic practitioner.” — T.S.

“Thank you — it was so freeing! I have definitely been more calm and relaxed to the point where others are pointing it out and I find my affirmation randomly popping into my head thru out the day.” — C.H.
“Thank you so much, Kate! I really appreciate you working with me. It was such a great session and I look forward to doing more in the future! I feel great!” — M.I.

“Before my AFT session with Kate, I was suffering from tremors and flashbacks of a terrible accident that I was in one year prior. It was a woodworking incident that left me with a permanently damaged hand. Since the accident, I could no longer watch videos of people using power tools, let alone use them in real life. Every time I would see one of these videos or even think about the accident, I would involuntarily shudder or twitch. After my AFT session with Kate, the tremors have stopped, and I have even been able to make use of some of my shop tools again. Albeit much more carefully. I was amazed at how well this worked, and Kate did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable and leading me through the process.” — S.R.

“My first session was a totally new experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Kate made me feel comfortable and patiently walked me through it. I am really glad I did it, and I’d highly recommend Kate as your coach!” — K.S.
“It’s definitely helping!!” — J.J.
“Kate helped me through so, so much during our session and beyond. I was dealing with extreme anxiety and feeling really overwhelmed with life that it would cause me physical pain in my heart. I didn’t realize how much pent up emotion and hurt feeling I was holding onto from the past until she walked me through them. I can honestly say I can breathe now.” — H.W.
“Wanted to share… I wake sometimes in middle night/early morning with PTSD. Raising heart rate and anxiety. Sometimes intense shame. This week I started saying my affirmation as soon as I’m awakened and it happens. I calm down immediately!! It is helping!! — E.R.
“For anyone with PTSD, I highly recommend this modality! AFT was new to me but I found after one session I made some incredible shifts! Kate is so great to work with. Her voice is so soothing, her heart is so genuine and shines through in the session. — K.L.

You’ll love Moonbeams if:


  • You’re facing a new challenge.

  • You have a difficult relationship to navigate.

  • You’ve got a finite amount of money to manage.

  • You get up every morning and face uncharted fears, stresses, and problems.

  • You have emotional triggers that shake you up.

  • You want to feel more peaceful & confident.

  • You have tough decisions to make.


Those things don’t stop happening – no matter how much you’ve already been through or how much you’ve grown personally. But how we’re able to handle life’s ups and downs depends on one hugely important factor:

What we’ve done with our unresolved emotions.


Everyone carries some kind of trauma – some kind of emotional & mental distress caused by a past experience. Our trauma histories are different – but the way trauma affects our brains is very much the same.


And no matter where we’re at in our emotional health journey, we learn this quickly –

  1. Emotional triggers and patterns do not magically go away after we survive or understand our trauma.
  2. Trauma lives on in our brains and in our bodies – until we resolve the unresolved emotions associated with it.

In Moonbeams, clouds of buried emotions and shadows of unresolved memories are cleared away. We find our inner luminary, and it is incredible to behold. The Moonbeams AFT Community is a safe, supportive place to get reacquainted with your intuition, rise up out of the shadows, and feel assured by your true self again. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What will I need for sessions?
You’ll need your AFT oils, a good internet connection, the Zoom link (I will email it to you), a quiet room with no distractions, a pen, and paper.
Can I use another brand of essential oils?
The Aroma Freedom Technique was carefully designed to work with Young Living Essential Oil blends that have been meticulously researched, tested, and intentionally formulated for specific emotional purposes. Unfortunately, we cannot use other oils or blends for AFT.

How long will sessions take?
Approximately one hour.
I sometimes feel like a loner on this journey. Will there be time to connect with other members?
Moonbeams is a great place to form friendships with women who understand your challenges and victories better than most!

Please use the Facebook group to check in with each other, share, and encourage one another.

Do I have to share what I'm going through?
No. During AFT sessions, we briefly share feelings & thoughts that come up throughout the session, which is helpful and supportive in a group setting because we realize we are not alone in our challenges. But we stay in our own process throughout AFT.

You only share as much as you feel comfortable. You can do what feels best for you, and you’re never required to share anything. What is shared in the group stays in the group.

Are sessions recorded so I can watch later if I miss one?
Our group AFT sessions ARE recorded, so if you miss, you can always go through the fully guided AFT session with the recording later.
I really need this, but cannot afford Moonbeams at this time. Can I get a scholarship?

I am growing a support fund for this reason. I deeply desire to make Moonbeams available to all of the women who need it. Please contact me to be added to the waitlist, and I will let you know when funds are available!

Get the AFT oils HERE or from another Young Living distributor.