Feelings are important.

Feelings keep us attuned to our own needs and the needs of others.

Feelings enable us to care for ourselves and for eachother.

But feelings are designed to be temporary. They roll in like an ocean tide. They prompt us to take care of a need. And then they resolve, rolling back out with the tide.

Feelings are not meant to be buried, unresolved.

“They [unresolved emotions] remain the source of our unresolved conflicts. Subconsciously, they are not forgotten nor will they be forgotten… They are the feelings which govern our thought patterns, our beliefs, and our attitudes. Those feelings determine our emotional reactions and our experiences in life. They are unconscious, hidden, and have been denied. Nevertheless, they are a part of our intra-cellular and subconscious programming.”

– Karol K. Truman, author of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

What if your body was intelligent and your emotions felt safe?

Your body has been with you through all of it.

She’s kept the score, penned the diary, taken all the photos.

Your body treads quietly –– but carries a big stick.

She has so much to show you.

I’m here to provide gentle support

in contact with your attachments,

with your emotions, and with your intuition

as you are led into the lush, intelligent ecosystem

that is your body.

Would you be willing to sit with her, in a gentle holding space,

while she whispers her wisdom?

Right here in your body

is where healing takes root,

transformation is fortified,

and vitality is liberated.

What clients are saying…

“Thank you — it was so freeing! I have definitely been more calm and relaxed to the point where others are pointing it out and I find my affirmation randomly popping into my head thru out the day.” — C.H.
“Thank you so much, Kate! I really appreciate you working with me. It was such a great session and I look forward to doing more in the future! I feel great!” — M.I.
“My first session was a totally new experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Kate made me feel comfortable and patiently walked me through it. I am really glad I did it, and I’d highly recommend Kate as your coach!” — K.S.
“It’s definitely helping!!” — J.J.
“Kati helped me through so, so much during our session and beyond. I was dealing with extreme anxiety and feeling really overwhelmed with life that it would cause me physical pain in my heart. I didn’t realize how much pent up emotion and hurt feeling I was holding onto from the past until she walked me through them. I can honestly say I can breathe now.” — H.W.
“Wanted to share… I wake sometimes in middle night/early morning with PTSD. Raising heart rate and anxiety. Sometimes intense shame. This week I started saying my affirmation as soon as I’m awakened and it happens. I calm down immediately!! It is helping!! — E.R.


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Are you feeling “stuck” in the same patterns and not sure why? Emotional blocks often keep us from moving forward with our goals and intentions. In this session, you’ll experience a somatic rewiring process that allows you to identify and dissolve these blocks. Emotional clearings bring genuine relief, freedom, insight, hope, clarity, confidence, and peace. AFT oils needed.




The experience of triggered memories can be painful. Sometimes we have a particular memory comes up more frequently, or out of the blue, with all of its associated feelings. Memory Resolution is a powerful reset process that disconnects the intense emotional charge from a specific troubling memory. The past event may have been big or small; what matters is how it affects you now. This session provides a no-judgment zone and supported, somatic release. AFT oils needed.




Survival mechanisms in childhood become relational strategies in adulthood. Somatic attachment coaching takes a body-based, polyvagal-informed approach to healing attachment wounds. You’ll develop: sensitization to your body’s intuitive wisdom, stronger self-presence, skills for navigating your somatic responses, and new strategies for supported regulation.


*All sessions are 50% off for Moonbeams members.

AFT oils are required for Emotional Clearing and Memory Resolution sessions.

AFT oils are NOT needed for Somatic Attachment sessions.

You may order AFT oils here, or from a trusted Young Living consultant.



 Are you wondering how somatic coaching might help you? Your first step is to hop on a free 15-minute Zoom call where I’ll answer any questions you might have. I’ll also get to know your situation a bit. If it feels like a fit for both us, we’ll proceed together with some of the most important inner work you’ll ever do.